Web Design Trends

Web Design Trends


Our lives are dominated by the latest trends from the latest clothing fashions to the must have accessories. Websites are no different, most large corporations update their websites every 2 or 3 years in order to keep up with the latest trends and technologies available. Below I will outline some of the latest website trends for 2013.

Responsive Web

There are expected to be 1.4 Billion Smartphone users by the end of 2013, they have grown exponentially in the last few years- around 84% of Smartphone users explore the web via their phone. This poses a new problem for websites; your customers are now using a completely new method to view your websites. Typically viewing websites on phones have been a problem, mainly because of the sizing issues which make the website seem stretched or squashed. Responsive web design ensures that a website can be used with a wide range of screen sizes, something which is now essential in web design because of the rising number of mobile users.     

Infinite Scrolling

Have you ever used Twitter? When you are scrolling down the tweets in your timeline you have probably already seen how infinite scrolling works. This trend keeps growing with popularity; it makes things a lot easier for the user if content keeps loading as you scroll down. This means that the user no longer needs to reload or change pages to access more content on your web page.

Fixed Headers

The use of fixed headers on your website makes a lot easier for the user. A fixed header is a header and menu navigation that maintains its position at the top of the page as the user scrolls down, an example of some of the largest websites in the world using fixed headers can be found with social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. These companies know how important it is to make life easier for their users.


The choice of font on your website is particularly important, if your website includes any paragraphs of text then choosing a font which will be visually pleasing and easy to read for users is a must, a sans-serif font is ideal in this case. It has also become popular for websites to use a variety of different font styles and sizes in their headers, this does not mean you should throw random font styles together – they have got to look good. If you decide to get help from a web designer like those at Markustudio, they can help you decide what kind of typography you should choose and what trends will be best suited to your website.


When people are asked what turns them away from websites, one of the most common answers in clutter. This has seen the rise of very simple, clean, minimalist websites without all the unnecessary stuff on a website. The over-the-top graphics, pictures and content are seen as not needed on modern websites, instead it is best to keep just the essentials and disregard everything else.

Understanding the importance of modern websites and the tool at your disposal is now essential in the digitally driven market we are part of. Keeping up with modern trends and making sure your website is not outdated is now a vital part of business. Getting the help of professional graphic designer like Markustudio will only help you create a great website.