iNexxus Case Study: How to Give Your Product a New Image Without...

iNexxus Case Study: How to Give Your Product a New Image Without Rebranding


While even search engine giant Google has recently opted for a brand makeover, a complete rebranding is not always right or what is needed for a given company or product.

Take the example of Corona. A staple in North America, the company wanted to expand its markets and introduce its beer to Europe–including Austria, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland and Germany. Their goal? To have the beer stand out in the European market and be associated with summer, fun, and youth.

In this case, Corona simply wanted to venture into new territory and show a different side of its famous beer, therefore making a complete rebranding in this case unnecessary.

Instead, Corona partnered up with the two Canadian entrepreneurs and digital marketing experts behind iNexxus, Anthony Katz and Raffi Keuhnelian, who created a campaign that included a complete relaunch of the brand which was meant to offer a different and fresh perspective of the same product.

With over a decade of experience, iNexxus already understood the importance of social media, and utilized it to make this fresh image a reality in a new and foreign market. Some of the strategies used to achieve the mission sent out by the company included:

Twitter & Facebook: Corona Europe representatives on Twitter made sure to have a strong presence and connection to local music scenes, clubs and to youth and students, making the Twitter feed relevant and interesting to the increasing amount of followers. At the same time, the Facebook page was redesigned and featured constant interaction with people, including a contest for fans to send in their best “Corona on the Beach” picture, keeping the brand “youthful, fun, and associated with summer”.

Instagram: The social media contests continued via Instagram, with contests for the best “resting Corona” pictures with prizes and incentives.

YouTube: Another ingenious idea was the decision to partner up with local concert promoters in order to distribute coasters with QR codes on them. These codes would send consumers to Corona’s YouTube page, where a contest inviting people to send in 1 minute clips of them making parodies of commercials had been initiated.

These campaigns, coupled with well promoted and cleverly placed advertisements with constant review and monitoring, were how Corona was able to completely revamp its image and be successful in a new market, without actually having to rebrand.

The results in this case speak for themselves: Corona Europe reported record sales throughout the summer, with a 150% increase in Facebook fans, more than 10,000 new followers on Twitter, and a 30% increase in sales for the targeted areas during the campaign!

So while you may want to boost the image of your product, or present a different perspective of it, the story of Corona and iNexxusshows you can do this successfully without having to rebrand!