How Does Social Justice Theory Work?

How Does Social Justice Theory Work?


Social Justice theories may differ depending on what Social Justice means to a person. But what is Social Justice typically remains the same.

Social Justice in a nutshell is what ideally would keep laws administered both fair as well as proper with absolutely no prejudice or discrimination. Everyone, regardless of race, gender, religion, ethnic origins, or what you may or may not possess, is to be treated equal.

And is this being implemented all over? No.

For one example, women in many industries are being paid less than men who are on the same level and doing the exact same duties. In a perfect balance of Social Justice, we would all ensure that one another would be paid the same according to our job placements.

Another example would be the discrimination of homosexual members of our society. Only now are the LGBT community beginning to get acceptance to the point that they can legally marry, like heterosexuals have been privileged enough to do for ages. But their battle for this right is far from over as they continue to be discriminated against on a State-by-State basis.

Racism and prejudice has always been a horrible problem. An Islamic terrorist attacks and suddenly innocent Muslims in our Western communities who mean no harm have to worry about being thrown in front of trains (No lie!) or some other violence. Notably female Muslims, perhaps bordering these attacks towards sexism as well.

And when you learn about some communities and cultures in the Eastern areas, you learn just how much some women in this world are really oppressed.

Of course, the general Muslim community is only one of several races targeted. People of any color other than white have been met with racism in their history at some point, which has created a prejudice response by some towards white people.

None of these actions and reactions will help us all get rid of the problems, either. We could go forward realizing that race is unimportant, and that we are all the same species. There’s no German Sheppard that hates a Chihuahua simply because of its’ ‘race’, or vice versa.

Until we solve all of these inequalities, Social Justice remains Theory. A Theory that hopefully we can all strive towards. Equality for all would be beautiful.