Features Of Bulk Email Marketing

Features Of Bulk Email Marketing


When we talk about bulk email marketing, it is usually referring to email marketing that involves sending across similar or identical email messages or mailers to several email recipients. Such a form of campaign is usually conducted by a special software which takes on individual email addresses from a list that preexists and a single message is then distributed to all these email addresses. The number of recipients in such a list may range from hundred to thousand even and differ as per the objectives of a particular advertising campaign.

A Unique Marketing Tool

It is viewed as a direct marketing tool that is used by several large companies as well as by individuals and small businesses as well. One could use such a tactic when they wish to send out an invite to their family members and friends or spread news about a special event. Emailing by bulk is easily accessible by individuals as well as by small businesses as such mailing list services are available for negligible costs involved.

Personalized Messages In Bulk

When businesses wish to launch bulk email marketing campaigns, it’s a way of promoting services or products to the consumers. Prospective customers as well as existing clients can be reached by such a method. Several companies create various versions of a bulk email marketing campaign and these are made as unique, personalized messages that are sent to different consumer groups or individual clients and customers. Thus, bulk marketing techniques can be used to send across impersonalized mails to a wide audience or could be customized to send across personalized messages to different customers.

Evolved Mailing List Services

Today mailing list allow one to manage the target audience that a business wishes to mail to. Mail recipients can be differentiated as per their age group, professions, demographics and so forth. With such details available, bulk marketing campaigns can be more targeted and allow businesses to expect more response from such targeted mail blasting services. Again, mails are often viewed on mobile phones as well as on laptops these days. To differentiate between the two platforms, there are services such as Mailigen that offers mobile friendly email marketing campaign designs. Such a service helps one to design email marketing campaigns that look appealing and catch the interest of consumers who are likely to view such mailers on their mobile browsers.

Reaching Interested Customers

Many people find bulk marketing as spam as many spam campaigns are launched in such ways. However, the businesses who have the true intention of reaching to targeted audience usually make use of mailing lists of the subscriber base that they have as well as those who sign up on their store or site by themselves. In such ways, the mailers are sent to people who have already expressed an inertest in shopping at such stores and are more likely to respond to the marketing campaigns which announce forthcoming sales and other special promotions or campaigns. mailigen.com is one such site where one can learn more about mobile friendly email marketing techniques.