An Overview On Cable TV

An Overview On Cable TV


Cable television is a mode of television programming to the users by the use of cables like the coaxial or fiber optic cables in contrast to traditional television in which the signals were sent over the air via radio signals and received by the antenna of the television. The cable operators shifted from the analog in the 1990s to digital nowadays which has better quality than an analog signal TV.

A set top box is a device which contains the TV tuner input and the output would connected to the television set and an external signal source. The tuner would turn the signal to a form that can be displayed on the television or other display device. They are generally used in cable TV transmission and also in other sources such as a satellite signal. These work by taking in the analog/ digital signals from the cable and then converting it into a form which is used by a TV set to display.

There are a lot of companies which provide TV set top boxes. And all of these boxes can have various other functions other than just displaying TV channels. These may include an HD set top box which has a better quality than a normal box and would be necessary to show content on an HD television such as an LED or LCD. With the cheaper high definition (HD) televisions nowadays, most of the TV boxes are these HD boxes and it has become a norm. Most of these set top boxes have a recording feature which can record and store your favorite shows if you aren’t able to watch them at that time.

Also there are other type such as a smart television box. These provide much more features such as the ability to plug in your USB to display a movie or any video or audio content on the television directly without the need of a computer. Set top boxes are also now come with an operating system such as Android into them. By having an android television, you will be able to do a lot more with your cable TV. Such as connecting to the internet and surfing the net or also installing some specific applications such as games so that you can play a game directly on your TV. With the help of a web camera, you can also Skype people over your television itself.

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